Jess Bradshaw

Recently, I co-founded a video game company called Spinbyte Studios based out of Ontario, Canada. Along with helping run the company, I focus on Level Design, Environmental Art, and Marketing. 


I completed Sheridan College's Graduate Certificate program in Game Level Design, after graduating from Brock University's Interactive Arts and Science program [Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree].


My passion for creating video games was discovered during my studies at Brock University and further increased during my internship with SHG Studios. During my internship, I worked as a Game Content Creator specializing in game production efficiency.

I enjoy the designing, building, and testing processes of level design, in addition to, the creation and set decorating of environmental art. For these reasons I consider myself both a Level Designer, and an Environmental Artist.


For more details on my participation in creating video games, please check out the Level Up Showcase 2015 award winning Little Misss Aligned and the Level Up Showcase 2013 award winning Awaken.